QBS has significant expertise in marketing, financial management, acquisitions and divestiture consulting, business development, and  business profitability enhancement.  QBS can identify opportunities for immediate and sustained business value-added improvements.



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QBS was built around a passion for helping businesses become better. Gregory Webb, QBS Founder and Managing Director, became interested in financial management, marketplace dynamics, and human behavior - the intersection where business opportunities are revealed and the deal begins. This intersection, with all its nuances and complexities, is the focal point of QBS's work. With repeated success in designing and implementing business models and expertise in value creation, Greg's interest became his passion. The result? QBS, where immediate opportunies for sustainable, value-added business improvements are identified, evaluated and moved into implemenation.


Quantitative Business Solutions (QBS) partners with clients to increase the profitability and valuation of their companies. Our expertise in financial and operating management, combined with our vision and leadership in strategic acquisitions and divestitures provides our clients the assurances they need to optimize current and future business profitability. QBS's end-to-end services also include business development that help ensure our clients have addressed the broad spectrum of issues and opportunities that drive business valuations.

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